We recently purchased a group of miniature cattle which are crossbred from a purebred Irish Dexter bull and a miniature sized purebred Hereford cow.  These "Mini Dexford Cattle" are extremely gentle natured with great conformation.  One cow is polled and one is horned and they are both F2 crosses.  These cattle will be used for the start of a Miniature Dexford Cross herd with focus being on temperament, conformation for beef production, and coloration / markings.  


We also purchased two purebred registered Miniature Herford cattle to breed with our own purebred Irish Dexter bull.  Theses cows come from great breeding lines and were hand picked to offset characteristics of our Dexter bull.  Also, we have a purebred Miniature Hereford bull that we will use to breed select Dexter cows in 2012.  These should produce very nice offspring with hybrid vigor!  If conformation is right they will be used to expand the gene pool in our Mini Dexford breeding program. 

Although our cattle have the same foundation breeds as the "Kentshire" cattle from (Kent, WA) they are not one in the same and should not be referred to by that name.  "Kentshire" is a trademarked name and the cross uses only one foundation bull from my understanding. 

Our farms goal for Mini Dexford Cattle is to start with a larger gene pool and then focus on heavier culling and strict selection process for future breeding stock.  In a way, we are starting with an opposite approach as the previously mentioned cross breed of cattle. 

We hope to have some Mini Dexford Cattle for sale as early as 2012.  If you are interested in a wonderful Mini Moo then please stay tuned and watch the For Sale Page!





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