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We are no longer raising American Guinea Hogs.  They are a wonderful breed and would love to still raise them.  Unfortunately, because of time constraints have decided to let them go.  Please contact Cascade Meadows Farms in Oregon for more info on this breed and to possibly purchase some.  Thanks.  




American Guinea Hogs are a critically rare breed of pig that is
unique to North America.  There are currently fewer than 200 adult specimen.

The original stock for the breed came
from West Africa, and over the last 200-300 years developed
through adaptation and crossbreeding with Appalachian
English pigs to create an American original.  They were
commonly found on homesteads in the southeastern US.

American Guinea Hogs, also known as Guinea Forest Hogs, are
now found on small farms and large ranches throughout the
United States.  Guineas are one of the smaller breeds of pigs,
ranging from 150 to 250 pounds at maturity, with a carcass of 50
to 100 pounds.  

With a docile disposition, they make an excellent homestead
pig, able to forage for much of their diet; which includes
snakes, nuts, rodents, grass and roots.

American Guinea Hogs have upright ears, a hairy coat and curly
tail.  They are usually black, but occasionally a Guinea hog will
have some reddish tinting, white socks, or even some white or
gray on the body.

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) classifies
Guinea Hogs as critical on the Conservation Priority List.  The
American Guinea Hog Association was formed to preserve this
rare breed for future generations of farms and ranchers
wanting a smaller pig to produce pork for the family on
farmettes and homesteads.






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American Guinea Hogs

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