Edgeworthia papyrifera



PAPERBUSH  A very unusual (and uncommon) Daphne relative used in the making of high-end paper products in China.  Stems are very pliable and can be tied in knots.  Smaller leaves, stems, and flowers than the E. chrysantha but equally as beautiful deserving its own place in the garden. Since overall size is smaller this plant can be sighted in more confined space.  Bright yellow clusters of flowers at tips of each branch in winter with green leaves in summer.  I find the daintiness of this plant (compared to chrysantha) to be very attractive.  If I had to choose between planting E. chrysantha or E. papyrifera, I could easily come to a quick decision.  I would just plant them both!   Deciduous  Zones 7-9


4 in. "Little Polly Pots"    $19.99

#2    (2 gallon)    $42.99


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