Irish Dexter Cattle are a naturally miniature sized cattle breed.  We raise our cattle as natural as possible and grass feed only.  Our main purpose is to offer the best purebred Dexter Cattle possible for sale in all three available colors (Red, Dun, and Black) on our Salem, Oregon farm.  We also will be offering grass fed beef on a limited scale.

Please see our "Breed Information Page" for links to pages with more information about this miniature sized cattle breed.

You can check out our current "Cows & Heifers"  Page and also our "Bulls Page"  to see our current herd. 

Also you may want to see cattle we have for sale on our "For Sale Page".


 * * * Please check out our "Past Cattle Page" for previous cows, heifers, and bulls from our farm. * * *






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Irish dexter cattle

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